Environmental policy

  • We comply with current environmental legislation and other requirements, and aim to exceed applicable laws and other regulations.

  • We commit ourselves to continually improving our environmental work and reducing the company's energy consumption / finding new more environmentally friendly alternatives and minimizing transports.

  • Our ambition is to monitor the company's actual environmental impact, such as energy consumption and emissions. Through environmental plans and systematic work, continuous improvement is achieved in these respects.

  • We train our employees in how they can take more care of the environment in their daily work.

  • We sort our waste and recycle when possible, as well as ensure that environmentally hazardous waste is handled in a safe way.

  • We strive to use eco-labeled products in our operations.

  • We use as few harmful substances as possible and choose environmentally friendly options wherever possible.

  • We also set environmental requirements for contractors and suppliers and, together with our partners, seek to develop solutions for environmentally sound technology and resource management.

  • We are constantly working on improvements in our environmental work.