Upgrade - Control Omni

How to download and upgrade Control Omni

1. Start by making a backup on Control Omni to protect all settings.

2. Put the SD memory card into the USB adapter and connect the adapter to the Computer. Use an empty SD card or use the SD card which is included in the package of Control Omni.
3. Download the updating file from the Abilia web site and save the file on the desk.
4. Make a double click on the file.
5. Copy the files to the root of the SD card.  This can take 10–15 minutes.
6. Put the SD card back to Control Omni. The updating process will start. This can take several minutes, do not interrupt this process. Wait until an OK images comes up on the screen.
7. Take out the SD card.
8. Restart Control Omni.
9. Check that the right version comes up in Control Omni.
10. Erase the files from the SD card to avoid future mistake. Note, if an backup has been made on the SD card, it is important to not erase this folder. The name on the folder is "gewa".
If you need any help, please call +46 8 594 694 00.
Good luck!